The Guardian Plates
Frequently Asked Questions
Q - What are the Guardian Plates?
A - The Guardian Plates are the masters of a set of scanned images of every page of a 1955 First-Printing Urantia Book.
Q - Why are they called the "Guardian Plates"?
A - Because they were created to guard against the complete loss of the original Fifth Epochal Revelation.
Q - How many individual plates are there in the Guardian Plates?
A - There are 2,163 Guardian Plates. Sixty-six for the front matter and 2,097 for the book text. They, and the full text of The Urantia Book, are all in the public domain.
Q - Who created the Guardian Plates?
A - A small team of data conservators who are Urantia Book Readers.
Q - Who supported the creation of the Guardian Plates?
A - The Greater New York Society of the Urantia Book and The Urantia Book Fellowship.
Q - Who has the custody of The Guardian Plates and makes The Guardian Plates and their derivatives available to the public?
A - The Guardian Plates Conservatorium.
Q - What is the Guardian Plates Conservatorium?
A - It is a small group called the Conservators, or Conservators of the Guardian Plates, who manage and carry out its work completely independently from outside influences or organizations.
Q - What is the mission of the Guardian Plates Conservatorium?
A - To perpetually safeguard and maintain the unchanged Guardian Plates and make copies of them available to the public around the world.